The city is my home

Human-centered development:
wellbeing on every level
We pay particular attention to creating a living space for our residents and to providing services that do the utmost for their well-being.
  • smart homes for smart people
  • ideal for sports, active lifestyle, fitness
  • a green environment contributing to well-being
  • shopping, healthcare and educational facilities
  • indoor and outdoor community spaces, community services, pop-up cycling repair stops
  • safety
benefits of shared experiences
Due to the conscious planning of the building and by monitoring and analyzing the needs and habits of future residents, we can implement a more efficient, more sustainable condominium.
  • community room for tools and repair services
  • electric car base
  • street workout park
Environment and innovation
athe future is being built now
In the center of the new downtown of Pest, the harmony of the built and natural environment, the dynamic, complex infrastructure essential to metropolitan life, and the combination of our innovative technology solutions provide a great range of opportunities for all ages.
  • green area: front gardens, private park
  • the proximity of Margaret Island, the Danube and the Buda Hills
  • excellent public transport facilities
  • high efficiency building facade
  • electric car charger for every parking place
  • tens of thousands of job opportunities in the most successful office submarket in Budapest
We develop modern, urban homes that, thanks to their people-oriented services and intelligent solutions can improve the quality of life of the residents. LIVING, the leading real estate development company of Hungary, is WING’s specialized residential real estate brand. WING’s 20 years of real estate development experience, reliable references, financial stability and commitment to continuous innovation guarantee its quality and reliability.